PDF eBooks

Digital books are an affordable way to self publish and promote your organization or services. Remember – you’re an expert to somebody. Position yourself as a specialist by writing what you know and sharing it.

Offering a PDF eBook packed with content your audience craves is a great way to attract visitors to your website. A “How To” guide is just one example of the type of content you could provide. (Pro tip: grow your e-newsletter mailing list by requiring an email address in exchange for the eBook download). These PDFs can include interactivity, such as linking to webpages, fillable form fields, clickable table of contents, and are screen reader friendly for the visually impaired. PDFs are a common file format and the average computer user as will be able to view them (or at least be able to download Acrobat Reader for free).

Are you ready to go digital with your book?

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