Managing Design by Committee

Two concepts on paper being combined into one disaster

You know the cliché about too many cooks in the kitchen…it often rings true when a committee is involved in the full design process. But when it comes to special projects in the non-profit world, it’s a hard scenario to avoid.

While it’s valuable to gather feedback from a variety of viewpoints, it’s important to filter through it quickly and not get hung up on the wrong things. Don’t let your project stall out because the committee can’t agree if the cover page should be cherry red or brick red.

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6 Tips to Improve your Report’s Readability

6 Tips to improve your report's readability.

With limited attention spans and always feeling short on time, most of us don’t take the time to fully read a document or report. There are exceptions to the rule of course – those times when we can’t afford to skim the details (think an insurance policy or studying for a test).

But in most cases, we tend to scan for the highlights and the content that’s relevant to us rather than read something cover to cover. It’s not just lengthy documents we scan; I doubt you’ll read this short post word for word. I’m not upset – I get it.

So what can be done?

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How to Find your Dream Designer

How to find your dream designer

Your current designer is missing deadlines and won’t return your calls. The designer you love is moving to Costa Rica to open a yoga retreat. Or maybe you’ve been flexing your creative muscle in Microsoft Office for years but know it’s time to call in someone with more experience to step things up. Whatever the reason, there’s no question that the hunt for a new design partner can be a daunting task.

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